Policy & Governance

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Policy & Governance

At Lexcom we utilize policy and governance to determine how much you need to invest to meet your expectations.

Every business is unique, and every business owner has different criteria for what level of investment they can make and the amount of risk that they are looking to accept.

  • Disruptive businesses that are heavily using technology systems within their model as their competitive advantage will have higher needs for security.
  • Businesses in the earlier stages of the company may accept a higher level of risk as financial goals are of primary importance. 
  • Mature businesses may look to protect itself by reducing risk.

Over the years we have realized that the per device billing model simply doesn't translate into the results that our clients were looking for. The Best Managed Technology System directly addresses those issues as we can turn those expectations into terms that are easy for a business to understand from the amount of capital they need to invest to achieve their objectives to the amount of risk they are willing to accept if something goes wrong. - Bryan Janz

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