Overcoming Bottlenecks on Network, Data Acquisition and Integration

Overcoming Bottlenecks on Network, Data Acquisition and Integration

How to connect the business purpose with technology and bring enhancements to the organization goals. 


Our client is a Professional Football club whose main business is sports. While assessing the client, Lexcom System's Group had to interview as many parties as possible within the business entity to find out some important processes and start an in depth understanding about what could be a root cause for some issues. One of Lexcom's core value is to accurately address the root cause of a problem, instead of dealing with band-aid solutions.

We found out the client's most important process was in regards data monitoring from games and thus Video was deeply important for that. So Network and servers were basic tools they needed. Some of the problems were:

  • Small IT department and Limited Budget
  • High Profile Organization
  • High Security Concerns
  • Extended Support Hours
  • Wide area Network
  • High Availability KPI with Enterprise Application Support
  • Multiple Vendors Support
  • Customer Facing Services for Game Days Support


Lexcom System's Group replaced Network Bottlenecks increasing data security and data flow, using private network systems. We also did an audit that revealed many dangerous data exposure which lead to bad data transmission and therefore bad data analytics. So we were able to replace and install the newest network cyber security and data integration tools in order to improve data flow as such as data could reach the ones who needed it. Among the solutions were:

  • IT Strategic Planning and Project Management
  • Sharepoint Migration Services and Custom Development
  • Helpdesk, Network Operations, WAN and desktop support
  • Deployment Services and Terminal Support, including Game Days support
  • Office 365 Migration
  • Procurement Services
  • New Mosaic Stadium relocation


Data flow increased by more than 100% compared to last provider, and thus the management team could make better decisions regarding players and strategies for games. There were higher availability of data.

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