How mid-stream oil and gas companies are using mobility to streamline their field data collection

How mid-stream oil and gas companies are using mobility to streamline their field data collection


Major Oil and Gas Midstream Company with more than 7700 employees was having difficulties collecting and analyzing data for their midstream assets and inspection crews. The problem had an extension because failure to comply with HSE and Environmental regulations would drive huge penalties and also selling difficulties. Besides that, many assets and crews would be gone for a long time to areas with hard reachable networks and would have little discipline to upload data timely using regular reports and spreadsheets. Here are some pinpoints of the problems:

  • Paper driven processes lead to transcription errors
  • Manual processes causing latency in incident reporting
  • Inconsistent collection of data
  • No visibility using paper based processes
  • No ability to publish corporate SAP system to the supply chain
  • Fast pace of projects require fast turn around times for changes

What We Did

Our platform is designed to utilize the technology available to it. Our mobile app can access sensors on the device for GPS, Altitude, Direction, Temperature. We can interface with identification systems such as Barcodes, QR Codes and RFID tags.  We offer endless integration possibilities as actionables can be created to triggered to execute commands to 3rd party systems, perform lookups from web services, or handle custom calculations. Unlike paper, our fomrs can track outside conditions such as temperature, location, direction, altitude and completion times. Information can be presented in via reports, dashboards,or google maps with the ability to integrate with 3rd party systems. Also, 24x7x365 multi-layered security model99.9% Network Uptime SLA100% Power SLA1000Mbps full duplex Ethernet feedBurstable bandwidth to 1GbpsAir conditioning, climate control, anti-static floorsUPS and advanced fire suppressionCustom Service Levels Available for Management and Support.

With all of that, we were able to custom build an application in order to integrate field inspections systems with IT departments and operational teams. So here there are some services provided:

  • Custom Software Development of Near Hit Safe Act Incident Support System
  • Mobile Application Development (IOS)
  • We had developed a Non-Conformance Reporting system and GIS based environmental application for another department however the Pipeline project was delayed due to the decline of oil prices


The results were clear, on about 40% reduction of downtime of systems and increase of 50% of efficiency of the crews, monitored by the GIS integration of inspection systems with the comparison of problem solving times before the install of our systems.

Blake Heisler
Chief Technology Officer, VP of Project Delivery
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