IT Service Management
Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risk.

Since 1996, Lexcom has always been a leading Managed IT Services Provider. While at the top of our growth (over 10 years ago) we suffered a major security breach that cost us over 2.5 million in revenue and nearly put us out of business. That made us realize two major things. As business owners we place lot of trust in our IT department and the people we hire. Secondly, when bad things happen, employees can find new jobs, us owners are accountable for the what is left of their business. (and all of the associated debts)

We took our experience as a major lesson learnt and rebuilt our business from the ground up. Using our experience to develop  the Best Managed Technology Systems approach to IT. We have incorporated a number of controls to protect our clients from the impact that IT related risks can have on their business, family and lifestyle.

We do things unlike anybody else. Our unique approach enables us to build a comprehensive IT support strategy tailored to focus in key areas of concern including: asset management, information security & addressing cyber security threats, business continuity and data protection strategies, service design, network connectivity, performance and capacity management and building a responsive support system behind it. Everything we do is a balance between the cost of the service and amount of risk you are willing to accept with the goal of deploying capital as effectively as possible.

Here’s why the best businesses depend on Lexcom and our Best Managed Technology Systems work program:
  • Business & Technology Strategy – Many business owners struggle with understanding how to properly incorporate software to advance their business. Not only do we look for opportunities to make your infrastructure run better, we look at how your business operates and offer expertise to operate more efficiently.
  • Predictable Billing - We have simplified budgeting for IT services by creating our proprietary operational work program. The work program allows you to customize your IT services to meet your exact needs and risk tolerances. No more hidden charges. As your business evolves you can modify your work program accordingly.
  • Easy Transition - Many companies live with bad IT simply because the transition seems painful. With over 23 years of experience, our team has perfected the art of the transition. We have comprehensive checklists for on-boarding to make the process smooth, offer pre and post transition onsite support and training to your employees and aim to solve long standing problems right away.
  • Improve Cyber Security Readiness - If you have ever been hit by ransomware you can appreciate the stress and lost productivity caused by security events. We have certified security experts that scan and detect vulnerabilities in your environment, review device configurations and patch levels, and audit our operational teams to ensure we are doing everything we can to prevent cyber security threats from impacting your business.
  • Reduced Risk to your Business - Hiring internally also exposes your business to a substantial amount of risk. Often times business leadership places all of their trust in their IT individual with little visibility into what they are doing. . If that individual makes a mistake, does not manage things properly, or becomes disgruntled; they can do your business harm. Our work program segments duties to minimize risk. In addition, Lexcom carries substantial insurance to protect you from issues as a result of professional liability, cyber security and gross-negligence.
  • Well Planned, High Visibility, Peace of Mind – Our operational work program allows you to pick and choose the services that make sense for your business. You set the intervals for each check and have visibility into the work being performed. With everything working the way it should, your new peace of mind can allow you to focus on growing your business. We can help you do that too!
  • Responsive In-House Help Desk - Our help desk is located in Regina, Saskatchewan with field support spread regionally throughout Western Canada and Texas.
  • Extended Support Hours - We have a dedicated support line that is answered LIVE from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.  We guarantee to have a technician working on resolving a critical problem within 15 minutes. After hours we have on call support available with a 1 hour response time. Custom after-hours support is also available.
  • Team of Experts at a Fraction of the Cost - Hiring an in-house technical person can often times be done for cheaper than managed services however by doing so your business is taking on risk.  It’s impossible to find a single support person that has all of the skill-sets needed to properly support today's business IT systems. In addition, when you factor in salary, benefits, training, management and any 3rd party consultants needed to fill in skill-set gaps, it is often more efficient and cost-effective to work with a company like Lexcom.
  • Any Device, Any Where, Any Time - With our remote support capabilities, we can support you from any device (laptop, tablet, mac book, iPhone, etc) from anywhere in the world that is connected to the internet.
  • Proactive Asset Management - Managing who has what technology assets,warranty renewals, software licensing can be a time consuming task. We maintain a comprehensive assert database and work with you to develop an asset replacement strategy to spread the costs across multiple years.
  • Proactive vs Reactive Support - Many of our clients are shocked with how few issues they have. It isn't that issues don't come up, its just that they are taken care of before they have an impact. Minimizing disruption means that your employees remain productive and that impacts your bottom line.
  • No-Risk Switch - Try us out for 90 days!  If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, we will give you your monthly fees back.