Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What size of organizations do you typically work with?

We currently work with a wide range of companies, however the level of service we provide typically makes the most sense financially for organizations with 20+ employees as the financial cost of disruption is less than proactively maintaining their IT systems.

I have a limited budget for IT services. How does the program adapt to fit my needs?

Our audit system offers a full x-ray of your IT for free. After that, we are able to walk with you for a fit-for-purpose application. Contact us and we'll be able to understand more of your current situation, in order to provide a better assessment.

Other service providers offer tiered service levels. Why do you not offer that?

Lexcom Systems Group is a Best Managed Services provider, focused on bringing financial benefits via IT and new technologies. Our approach is holistic taking aim into strategic projects and considering various aspects. Thus, a tiered approach isn't the best way to do it. Instead, a project based, custom build application, to meet financial constraints and business goals is our target.

Do you offer after hours support?

Yes. Lexcom Systems Group holds a wide variety of services, that will be provided as needed and as per request. Contact us and let us know better about your current situation, so we can elaborate a strategic plan with you.

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