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Remotely monitoring the health of an asset is IT.

Pinpointing the exact location of a water leak in a municipalities water system is Lexcom IT.

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Remotely monitoring the health of an asset is IT.

Collecting data from the field is IT.

Reducing the cost of poor quality saving millions of dollars in rework is Lexcom IT.

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Collecting data from the field is IT.

Virtualizing servers in a datacenter in IT.

Consolidating IT for provincial government saving millions of dollars in operational costs is Lexcom…

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Virtualizing servers in a datacenter in IT.

We specialize in utilizing information technology to help measure and manage business performance.

Safety Management

Our Near Hit Safe Act Incident Reporting System lets you easily record, track, trend, map and investigate all types of incidents, near-hit's and dangerous conditions.

Environmental Management

Baseline and track historical environmental conditions over the life of the project helping to ensure compliance with country laws and regulations, applicable international treaties and agreements.

Quality Management

Automatically trigger, track and maintain auditable nonconformance, preventative and corrective action records as an integral part of an organization’s continual improvement plan.

Asset Management

Our actionable asset management tool quickly document infrastructure components into an actionable asset registry that enables proactive maintenance of assets.

Audit and Inspection

Easily manage any type of inspection and audit activity from EHS, to quality, to field checklists while automating the turnover of information to project stakeholders.

Compliance Reporting

Effectively manage all activities, documents and data associated with regulations, laws, industry codes of practice, permits and licenses that your organization must comply with and ensure nothing gets missed in the process.

What Clients Say About Us

Prior to using Lexcom's applications making changes to our safety management application was a long and strenuous process. We were able to quickly replace the system with Lexcom's platform and it made those changes relatively quick and easy. Working with Lexcom's team was also a pleasure as their deddication and commitment to our project made them an expansion to our team.


Using Lexcom's environmental feature tool allowed us to ensure that we were meeting our commitments and ensuring that we handled each environmental feature with the care and attention it deserved throughout the construction process.


By incorporating observations and non-conformance tracking into our field inspection and audit processes we were able to correct defects and improve the quality of product we were delivering while staying on top of our budget.


Using Lexcom's Asset Management tool allowed our maintenance team to quickly document our towns infrastructure while providing me with a tangible capital asset reporting system to help plan future infrastrcuture investments.


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