What is Best Managed Technology Systems?

What is Best Managed Technology Systems?

Lexcom's Best Managed Technology Systems is used to identify organizations that are taking proactive measures to ensure that their IT systems remain available, are making conscious decisions around business continuity and are proactively addressing security related issues.

"While many IT service providers offer what appears to be the same service they are often very different in how the technology program is managed. The Best Managed Technology System ensures that the proper controls are in place to deliver consistent IT services based on a pre-planned work program."

The Best Managed Technology System takes into account:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Availability, Performance and Capacity Planning
  • Service Delivery (Incident and Problem Management)
  • Quality Management & Continual Improvement
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Information Security
  • Vendor Management & Procurement

When does it make sense for my organization?

The Best Managed Technology Systems program was designed for well established organizations that rely heavily on their systems to operate and see information technology as a risk to their business.  The Best Managed Technology Systems program is for you if:

  • Your organization is impacted significantly when IT systems fail.
  • You want greater visibility and accountability from IT
  • You are looking to establish governance and controls around information systems
  • Concerned about security, cyber-security and ransom-ware
  • Want greater confidence in your ability to recover from disruptions to your business.
  • Are having continual problems with service outages, support and want to see improvements.

The Next Step

The first step towards improving your IT systems is to contact us to conduct an analysis of your current systems. In our assessment we will:

  • Conduct an asset audit of your organization
  • Review the internal and external security posture of your systems
  • Discuss appropriate controls for your organization
  • Deliver a personalized IT work program that balances risk with the financial requirements of your organization

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