Using Lexcom Field Inspections and PowerBI for real time business analytics

Using Lexcom Field Inspections and PowerBI for real time business analytics

How can I get real time analytics for my business without breaking the bank?

Many organizations want real time analytics but traditionally this was a very expensive process that was unrealistic for most businesses. Lexcom Field Inspections enables you to quickly build a web or mobile based application simply by dragging and dropping the application together. PowerBI is a subscription based tool that Microsoft offers for business analytics. The flexibility of the tool to build data inputs, its relative low cost, and powerful analytics makes it a very powerful tool for your business.

How is this better than excel or other software packages?

Many software packages are limited in their ability to match your exact business process. As a result of the rigid nature of tradtiional software the tool may not meet the specific needs of how your business operates. Many organizations traditionally move towards excel, however the challenge with this is maintaining up to date spreadsheets throughout your organization. Even if you do a good job of managing versions, you still don't get real time information into your business processes.

The field inspection tool allows you to build the exact business process with dynamic inputs. As all of the data is stored in a SQL database it allows you to perform custom analytics and reporting. The process to your employees is no different than completing a traditional paper form making the learning curve relatively simple with the added benefit of visibility.

What can I build with the application?

Every day we are adding new functions to the application. We currently have a comprehensive form engine that allows you to collect data inputs. We have an asset management module being released later this year that will allow you to track your assets and perform inspections against them. We have an Internet of Things connector that will allow us to take data streams off of sensors and connect them to an asset for real time visibility and a location engine to describe placement and relationship of assets.

Can I interface with my existing apps?

The application is completely driven by web services. We have the ability to pull data from external data sources or push data to them. Currently we have been focusing on integration to Microsoft applications but have requests to interface with SAGE, SAP, Dynamics financial systems.

Can I brand the application as my own?

Yes. We have various levels of partnership with organizations where we can brand the application, customize the user experience and make it fit your exact need. Our customers have told us that they really appreciate being one step away from the development team. It is not uncommon for a great idea to come up in a meeting and it translate into a functional improvement to the application soon after.

Can you give me a real world example of what I can do?

The following example is built on a safety management system that we built for one of our multinational clients. The challenge they had was that they had hundreds of contractors that reported incidents to them in paper. Submissions of safety incidents were not efficient and manually re-entering paper just didnt seem to make sense. There was little to no analytics on the submissions so they couldn't guage the topics of what they should be focusing on for their safety program.

Safety Incident Reporting Application

Sample of the the web interface for the app.

1) Understand the data that you want to collect.

2) Structuring the data to minimize adhoc data inputs by using pick lists, sliders etc.

3) Drag and drop the form together.

4) Configure any actions that you want the app to perform on submission.

5) You now have a fully functional web and mobile application where data is being collected.

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