The value of information in a business is often overlooked until it is too late.

The value of information in a business is often overlooked until it is too late.

Information Security is as valuable as your business assets.

The cost of information breach is usually much higher than its protection. This itself should be a strong enough argument, just as a car insurance. But how valuable is to you to secure your business information? It is a deeply important topic to any business owner, specially smaller to medium sized ones. Nowadays, many more hackers are focusing on attacking this sized businesses, due to their vulnerability. And this is widely known, although an action to avoid these attacks might seem costly. The truth is that protecting any type of information is protecting your business and the value is the value of your business. Almost 50% of all attacks happens against small to medium enterprises and they are not just focused on banking information, but also employee based, personal and other types of information, that can lead to other crimes for these hackers. 

Acknowledge the Threat of Ransomware

Another topic is Ransomware, which is getting more and more into business owner’s minds. It is a type of malware that will pretty much turn your business upside down, if not well taken care of. It prevents or even blocks users from accessing their own systems. This can be executed by locking the user’s screen or files and in order to unlock the screen or see the files, a fee will have to be paid to the Ransomware implementer. And this is not just a clear malware delivered through a bad file. A Ransomware can be downloaded from pages you don’t have much control of, spammed emails or even exploit kits on vulnerable systems. The challenge here is how to monitor or to even know your systems is vulnerable. We have this technology solution accessible to you and we can certify your level of vulnerability.

Information Security is for Large Enterprises: A Myth.

Finally, It is widely propagated that almost 50% of hacker attacks happened against businesses with less than 250 employees. This is costing, on average, more than USD $500.000 (half a million dollars) to business owners and that can mean a business closure or years of recuperation. Although the mindset is usually around classifying IT security as costs, a change is needed to properly balance the investment with security with the tangible and intangible assets being protected. These assets might be people, physical or mainly Information. Whatever they are, how much they are valuable to you, they’ll be worth the investment on security.  The propagate myth of IT security being useful just to large enterprises is not proven and even National Technology institutes such as NIST have been publishing about this topic.

We at Lexcom have subject matters expert and more than 20 years of Information Security auditing and avoiding threats. We maintain a high standards security protocol and are connected with the latest threat security trends for small, medium or large enterprises. Contact us now to get a free audit and will be glad to serve you.