Business Continuity Is for Everyone

Business Continuity Is for Everyone

Threats and Unexpected Disruptions happens with everyone

Business Continuity focuses on planning and preparing for disasters and unexpected events. It is obvious that smaller organizations tend to avoid the Business Continuity systems due to the size of the organization. The smaller the organization is, the easier it seems to control events. But the bottom line is that disruptive events can break large, medium and small organizations and a Business Continuity system enables each one of them to deal with this events, helping to re-structure quicker, easier and more efficiently.

The key points of a Business Continuity System Plan Development are:

  • Business Impact Assessment;
  • Risk Management;
  • Business Continuity Remediation;
  • Emergency Response;
  • Business Continuity Training.
You can never quite understand what it is like dealing with a disaster situation. The impact it has on your organization, the timing and the decisions you need to make can be the difference between your business surviving or not. Our people have hands on experience dealing with bad situations and can provide you the advice that you cannot read about in a book. - Bryan Janz CEO

In some places like Saskatchewan, in Canada or Montana in the United States, snowfalls are common and will drive many losses to smaller business, which gets a higher impact on annual incomes. Other places like Texas and Florida get impacted by high volumes of rain, hurricanes or tornadoes. Just this last 2017, Houston small business suffered huge financial impacts from the Harvey hurricane.

For that purpose what would be the value of a Business Continuity System? Huge! So it is worth it to say the this plan is as valuable as your business, because it might be able to help you get back on track quicker!

Lexcom will help you to write and plan you best Business Continuity Plan, with a holistic view of your business. We will understand your goals, primary purposes and values, and build a system that reflects exactly what you need and want. Make sure to contact us for more.