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Quickly deploy customized applications to the field and get visibility into the work being performed.

Centralize your Information

Store and manage all of your organization’s audit related data in a secure, centralized system and maintain a 100% audit-ready archive of all your data year-round.

Streamline your Operations

Easily assign follow up tasks related to audit findings with automated email notifications sent to employees and their supervisors for upcoming, pending and overdue tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Standardize your Reporting Processes

Web-based functionality allows users from across departments, facilities and locations to access standard online reporting forms ensuring consistent audit data is recorded organization-wide.

Timely Access to Information

Simple to use mobile application enables timely data synchronization elimintating processing delays caused by manual data entry.

360 Degrees of Visibility

Real-time reports summarize detailed field information at a glance and configurable audit dashboards display charts, graphs, maps and tables to quickly identify trends.

Nonconformance Management

Record and track all nonconformances through a centralized web-based database and trend information across multiple departments, sites, or locations. Nonconformance software allows information to be viewed as a whole, or filtered by user-defined criteria.

Our fast application designer enables us to develop powerful applications that are easy to use!

Many applications fail due to a lack of user adoption. Usually, it is because the application is complex and not very intuitive for the person using it. We have focused on simplicity. Making our application interface look and feel like paper based forms.

Quickly deploy new field data collection applications and eliminate the hassles of processing paperwork.

Moving to digital based field data collection will help you to eliminate the challenges associated with processing manual paperwork. Forms can be quickly moved to a digital format where information can be structured for accurate data collection and reporting.

Nonconformances can be automatically generated based on the resulting answers in the data collection process. This eliminates a field person from needing to know "What" is and is not a nonconformance. Nonconformances initiate follow up tasks ensuring that they can be tracked to completion with underlying metrics being collected on performance.

Managing human behaviour is always a challenge. In a paper based world you cannot be 100% sure that a person is using the most recent version of a form. Digital forms eliminate this by being able to quickly make and deploy changes to the field upon synchronization.

Digital based field data collection enables you to begin measuring and managing the metrics around field data collection activities. You can now see how long it takes for a specific action to be completed, see the location of where a task was performed, track performance between field resources and more.

Comprehensive analytics is available right out of the box.

Using digital based field data collection enables you to consolidate reporting to a single location. We have specifically designed our system in a matter that provides complete visibility into all forms so that the reporting process is streamlined and reports can be generated quickly.

We have designed our software with the needs of management in mind. We have the ability to quickly pull together dashboards based on your needs so that you stay up to date on the informaton you need to do your job more effectively.

All field data collection activities have the ability to track location and time information. We can utilize this information to perform spatial based queries and analytics that enable you to not just look at metrics but also factor in location and time elements as well.

Some times you need to have access to information from other systems. Our system has the ability to interface with third party systems through a number of methods such as direct SQL queries and web services. From a field appliaction it is reasonable to assume that you could scan a barcode or RFID tag and quickly gain access to the information you need.

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